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How to display your contact info on your Garmin Edge

April 19, 2016


Worry about losing your overpriced Garmin? Want to increase your chance someone might return  it? Or maybe you want to display your name just for the sake of it?

Introducing Garmin Startup Message!!

  • First, connect your unit to a computer via a USB cable. DUH !
  • A new drive should show up, double-click on the Garmin folder.
  • Look for a text file “startup” and open it up.
  • You will see something like this <display=0>.
  • Change it to <display=10>, it means the start-up message will display for 10 seconds.
  • Next, below the<!– Type your message on the next line–!> you can write:

If found, please return to Andrew @ 91234567. Thanks hor.

  • Save and close the file, umount and unplug your device.

Just like that!! Simple huh?

Take note that this feature works for Edge 510 and above.

Disclaimer : Please do a backup on your file, I take no responsibility if you screw something up.



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