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Multi Monitor with touch screen.

December 21, 2013

Are you in a scenario where you have two monitors, you want to run app or game on the display that you prefer but it doesn’t work quite well?    How about if you have a touch-screen monitor and you want your app/game to run on the non touch-screen monitor? Also, with Windows 8 metro screen, it gets complicated isn’t it? Well, there is a workaround.

1:  First, set your monitor you prefer as the Primary Display . In this example , display 1 is my touch monitor and display 2 is my main display.

make this as main

2:  Next, launch tablet setting from the Control Panel.

tablet pc settings

3:  Select your touch screen monitor from the display drop down, then click on setup.

tablet pc settings 2

4:  Now, a calibrate screen should appear, go ahead and touch it.

touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen

5: Click OK to save.

6: You can drag the metro interface to another monitor/screen by hitting the Windows+Tab keys combination.


Now, you should able to launch your game full screen on the monitor you prefer and also the metro interface on the other monitor.  Here’s the result(left monitor is touch-screen, right monitor is normal screen) :



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