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Importing pst to user mailbox via EAC

September 10, 2013

You might already know how to import pst from Outlook but your users might not know. Hence, as an administrator, this will be your job.

To make your life easier, I will show you how to import user pst from server side, without visiting user desk.

Before we begin, we need to dedicate permission to perform the task.

Assign Import/export permission to a role.

1:  Login to Exchange Admin Center.

2: Click on “Permissions” on the Left pane.

3: Select a role you want to assign the permission to, for example Help Desk.

4: Click on the pencil .


5: The Help Desk role properties page will open. Click on the + sign under Roles.


6: Scroll down and look for “Mailbox Import Export”, click Add and Ok to continue.


7: Click Save to finish up.

Now, you would have permission to perform you task, let’s proceed to :

Importing the pst file.

8:  Click on Recipients on the left pane.

9: Click on Mailboxes tab.

10: Select the user whom you going to import the pst.

11: Click on the “…” and select Import PST


12: Specify the path, if you store the pst file in c:\temp, the full path will be as follow :


13:  Decide whether you want to import the pst to the main mailbox or archive. Click next to continue.


14: Finally, you will be asked whether to send a notificaton when importing is complete.

This whole process will import mails, calenders, notes, tasks and etc to the mailbox.

15:  The notification will look like this :

Import PST has finished.
File: \\\c$\temp\andrew.pst
Mailbox: john smith
Started by: andrew lum
Start time: 9/10/2013 6:42:57 PM
Run time: 00:00:56
Please don’t reply to this e-mail. It was sent from an unmonitored account.
That’s all folk, thanks for reading !

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