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Migrating from legacy mail system ?

June 5, 2013

There are lot of tools which allow you to migrate from older mail system to Exchange. Most of them are not free, but there is 1 tool which i found very useful and it’s free.

Introducing Imapsync.

This is a Linux opensource tool, you need to download it, untar and install it.

The command will look like this:

imapsync --host1 --user1 --password1 Myp@ssw0rd -authmech1 LOGIN --host2 --user2 --password2 Dtbqzgd6 -authmech2 PLAIN

to capture the log file :

imapsync --host1 --user1 --password1 Myp@ssw0rd -authmech1 LOGIN --host2 --user2 --password2 Dtbqzgd6 -authmech2 PLAIN >  log6 2>&1 &

host1,user1,password1,authmech1 are compulsory fields, they denote the source. host2,user2,password2,authmech2 denote the destination.

Take note that the destination authentication method is “Plain Text”, hence in Exchange you need to change the method(imap) to plain and not SSL or TLS. I just migrated 700 users from surgemail and for surgemail authentication method, it will be “Login”.

After running the command, the result will either be failed or passed, here some examples :

Example 1-Passed:

++++ Statistics
Transfer started on               : Sat Jun  1 16:45:36 2013
Transfer ended on                 : Sat Jun  1 17:48:17 2013
Transfer time                     : 3760.5 sec
Messages transferred              : 2049
Messages skipped                  : 0
Messages found duplicate on host1 : 0
Messages found duplicate on host2 : 0
Messages void (noheader) on host1 : 0
Messages void (noheader) on host2 : 0
Messages deleted on host1         : 0
Messages deleted on host2         : 0
Total bytes transferred           : 463829614 (442.34 MiB)
Total bytes duplicate host1       : 0 (0.00 KiB)
Total bytes duplicate host2       : 0 (0.00 KiB)
Total bytes skipped               : 0 (0.00 KiB)
Total bytes error                 : 0 (0.00 KiB)
Message rate                      : 0.5 messages/s
Average bandwidth rate            : 120.5 KiB/s
Reconnections to host1            : 0
Reconnections to host2            : 0
Memory consumption                : 295.6 MiB
Biggest message                   : 19460824 bytes
Initial difference host2 – host1  : -2049 messages, -463829614 bytes (-442.34 MiB)
Final   difference host2 – host1  : -11 messages, -103207319 bytes (-98.43 MiB)
Detected 0 errors

Example 2-Failed:

log57:Failure: error login on [] with user [] auth [LOGIN]: 2 NO login failed password wrong or not a valid user

Take note of the mentioned IP, the above example indicate the source ip, it could mean the password is wrong, the user dont exist or the account was suspended. Hence, please verify the source account.  If the ip is referring to the destination, check the account, unlock the password, reset the password if necessary.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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